EASI Starter Kit

Available for US Shipping ONLY
The Evaluation in Ayres Sensory Integration (EASI) is an open access test, meaning that the test manual and the test sheets, forms and other materials needed, as well as access to online scoring for the tests, will be made available, without a fee, to professionals who have completed training through programs approved by ICEASI.* Testers will, however, need to purchase and organize the required test materials for their own EASI test “kits.” To facilitate that process, CLASI has made EASI “starter kits” that include test materials which may be more difficult to obtain individually. The contents of the CLASI EASI Starter Kit are listed below. A full list of materials needed to administer and score the EASI can be found in the resources section of CLASI's Module 2 and Module 3 online courses. 
Items Included in the EASI Starter Kit:
- Solid color, plain cloth napkin (1)
- Pipe cleaners (2)
- Cotton balls (2)
- Empty plastic bottle ("Rice Bottle") (1)
- Small plastic cups (12)
- Metal pen (1)
- 6-pack carriers (2)
- Small paint brushes (2)
- Dog "clicker" (1)
- Square wooden block (1 inch) (1)
- White cardstock (5)
- Green cardstock (2)
- Yellow cardstock (2)
- Red cardstock (2)
- Business card magnets (5)
- 3D printed shapes - black (12)
- 3D printed shapes - blue (10)
- 3D printed shapes - yellow (14)
- 3D printed shapes - green (17)
- 3D printed shapes - white oral plus black nuts (12)

Please note that the EASI Starter Kit is ONLY available to US participants. There is no international shipping. The $175.00 price includes tax and the cost of shipping. The product will ship within 7 days of purchase.  The EASI Starter Kit is a non-refundable item. 

If you need a replacement 3D printed shape, please reach out to Melissa Coleman at for more details.

 *ICEASI: The International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration; The CLASI CASI is an ICEASI approved program.